Chocolate Cake & Cupcakes

chocolate-cake-cupcakesCourse ID: CFPBCAKBB03775A
Class Fee: $220.00 (excl. GST)
Duration: 1 Day x 7.5 hours       
Instructional Method: Full Hands-On
Level of Difficulty: Beginners to Intermediate
Prerequisites: None
Included in Fee: Ingredients and printed recipes for the class.

This 1-day comprehensive hands-on class is an essential introduction to chocolate cake and cupcake baking for the aspiring professional baker. Participants will learn the function of the ingredients, bake the wonderfully versatile sponge cake, make, fill and pipe custard cream and chocolate ganache, and apply professional finishing skills to produce an exquisite chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes.


1. Cake & cupcake basics
Learn all the essential equipment and ingredients to make sponge cakes and cupcakes. We will explain the differences between the two types, as well as the basic steps that are common to nearly all cake recipes.

2. Measuring is everything
We will teach you how to measure ingredients properly. This is easily the most important step in every bake. Understanding the correct measuring technique for a particular ingredient will guarantee best baking results.

3. Mixing & baking
Learn the importance of the order of mixing ingredients, wet and dry, and baking techniques to ensure a successful bake.

4. Make chocolate ganache & nutella custard cream
Learn how to make nutella custard cream that is perfect for filling layers in chocolate cakes as well as chocolate ganache for cupcake frosting.

5. Decorations & garnishes
We will show you how to garnish and decorate the cakes and cupcakes like a pro to make them look as lavish and decadent as they taste. We will also demonstrate several ways to hollow out and fill a cupcake, all using tools you may already own.

6. Creative icing techniques
Learn to fill, build and ice the cakes using step-by-step instructions and with close guidance by our instructors.

This class is eligible for Skills Future Credit

This class is eligible for Skills Future Credit

* On completion, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement.