Virtual Class – Terms & Conditions

This Single User Agreement is between Zan’s Treats (“us”, “we” or “our”) and the individual or company whom Zan’s Treats has agreed to supply the Virtual Classroom course referred to as ”you”, “user”, “client” or “learner”.

(1) Acceptance & Term

Acceptance of these terms and condition takes place when one of the following occurs:

• You pay for a Virtual classroom course by Cash/Bank Transfer/PayNow.

• You access the virtual classroom course

The “Commencement” or the “Effective Date” of this agreement is the date the first of any one of the actions listed above occurs and terminates when the Virtual classroom course has completed. Once the term of this agreement ends, the access to the virtual course will be terminated.

(2) Cancellation

Virtual classrooms like any other classroom have limited capacity. Demand for our classes is very high, and late cancellation may prevent other students from obtaining a place in our classes.

• For cancellation after purchase and before the 1st scheduled Virtual Classroom lesson, no refund can be made. Bookings are, however, freely transferable to another person for the same class, so you are welcome to get someone else in your place.

In the event that Zan’s Treats decides to cancel a course (such a decision is completely at the discretion of management), you will be offered a rescheduling course date and if this or other alternatives are not acceptable, a full refund.

(3) Payments

All course fees must be payable in full prior to being allowed to participate in any Virtual Class Room course. Payment can be made by Cash/Bank Transfer/PayNow.

(4) Exclusion from Virtual Classroom

Zan’s Treats expects you when attending a Virtual Classroom to behave in a polite and appropriate manner and reserves the right to exclude delegates or abandon the course in the event of disruptive, abusive or threatening behavior by an individual or group of Virtual Classroom learners. In such an event, no refund will be payable to you if excluded.

(5) Equipment

Zan’s Treats bears no responsibility for the student’s equipment (e.g. smartphone, tablet, computer, internet connection, speakers, webcam, microphones, bandwidth, mixer, oven etc.). In other words, you are exclusively responsible for the condition of your personal & kitchen equipment and for performing the obligatory technical checks at commencement of this agreement and prior to attending the Virtual Classroom course.

(6) Liability

Zan’s Treats declares that the company’s liability for any learner claim whatsoever is limited to the sum that he or she has paid for the course(s). We will not be liable for indirect, special or consequential loss (including loss of anticipated profit or data), howsoever arising, even if it has been advised of such potential loss. We will not be responsible for any damage resulting from any computer viruses arising from software installed on customer computer systems.

(7) Failure to Attend

Please note that failure to attend a Virtual Classroom will not be eligible for any refund whatsoever.

(8) Course Selection

You accept that it is your responsibility that the Virtual Classroom course booked and paid for is suitable for your requirements and ability. We employ advisors who recommend courses or learning solutions, however, the assessment and the final decision concerning the suitability of the course is your responsibility. In cases where we have made recommendations, we do so in good faith and not be wilfully misleading is based on the information you provide.

(9) Copyrights

All intellectual property rights for all course materials, virtual course recordings and shall remain the property of Zan’s Treats. The Customer agrees not to reproduce, sell, hire, lend or copy the course materials or use them except for the purpose of personal reference. Zan’s Treats warrants that it will not knowingly include any copyrighted material in its course materials without license or consent.

(10) Warranty & Liability

Zan’s Treats liability for loss and damage shall be limited to a claim for damages. The maximum aggregate liability will be the charges for the course out of which the loss or damage has arisen. We will not accept liability for death or personal injury.

(11) The nomination of Alternative Learner

Nomination by the client of an alternative learner for a course may be made at any time up to the course start date.